(This is a now page. Feel free to make your own).

✍️ Working

Searching for my next opportunity! If you have any leads, you can reach out on LinkedIn (feel free to mention you came from this site).

I'm also focused on building out this site. I initially wanted to do so from scratch, but realized that is not really practical for modern front-end web development. The Jamstack and static site generators have been intriguing to me of late, so I decided to leverage Eleventy 🎈🐀 for basic templating and build steps. It doesn't add any code to the final output that I didn't write, which was a goal of mine.

Leaning into static sites by building out a site for a friend's upcoming podcast using Gatsby, and assisting another get a blog up and running via Ghost. Will share more when there's something concrete to share. 📰 🎧

👟 Running

This likely need not be stated, but running with a mask on is very annoying. My mileage is low, but I'm exploring lots of desolate backroads when I get out.

📺 Watching

Finally started watching Barry, after many suggestions (my girlfriend will note that it took two more recommendations after hers for me to start). Also working through Mindy Kaling's new show Never Have I Ever. For some reason, I've also found myself watching through early 00's sitcom Grounded For Life.

📚 Reading

Have been on a non-fiction kick for a while. Just finished Modern Web Development on the JAMstack, and now partway through "How To Write Funny" by Scott Dikkers.

Updated Sun May 10 2020