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✍️ Working

Starting a new venture soon, more to follow.

Leaning into static sites, I also built out a site for a friend's new podcast that automatically builds new pages as new episodes are published, and also adds blogging capabilities: The Boys Are Back In Time.

👟 Running

I ran my first road race since 2019 recently this summer, a local seasonal series I've participated in several times over the years. Despite the gross humidity I ran a decent time.

📺 Watching

After hearing nonstop praise, I began Ted Lasso and timed my finish to Season One to coincide with the start of Season Two.

I'm also eagerly awaiting each release of Secret Base's The History of the Atlanta Falcons. (Trust me on this one, even if you have no affiliation with Atlanta, the Falcons, or even football in general.)

📚 Reading

Just cracked open How to Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy. Upon completion I will be penning my non-fiction debut, How to Read One Book.

Updated Mon Aug 30 2021